Really pissed how this place gassed everyone up and down right took money, I cant even explain the hole i'm in because of Midwest. I though everything was good when I received my Diploma until months after I want to further my education and get into so college programs or apprenticeships, I find out every place I went they don't accept it, not only that I try and get my *** transcripts after I paid ($20)+ for them and guess what they said!? "sorry they are not ready at this time" Then they even told me "They were mailed" this went on for months to the point were I just said forget it!. I was pissed, so I call back a year later and the phone number don't work! are you kidding me!?

So after doing research I realized i got scammed $170 and I'm in a hole I struggling to get out. It amazes me that these people aren't be hide bars for taking money from people who really need it.

Also What I found out is that this *** place had various Names such as "kilgore HS 22 W. Washington" "Jefferson high school" and of course Midwest HS. And found out that these *** people scamming took money to build a NEW BAPTIST CHURCH wow I am lost for words.

Monetary Loss: $170.

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