I was interested in obtaining a High School Diploma so I seeked assistance from Midwest Adult Academy.I took the required exam and scored high on it and recieved a High School Diploma as promised.I was told by the administration assistant that the Diploma was recognized by several Colleges including M.A.T.C.

I attempted to get into M.A.T.C as well as several other Universities using that so called diploma and was denied.When I spoke with Midwest Adult Academy reguarding a refund or explanation I was denied that also.So,to anyone wishing to obtain a High School Diploma PLEASE LOOK ELSEWHERE.


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Is n.a.l.b.recognize or just registered?

Board of Education says recognized is more acceptable.

I heard they have classrooms now,and they don't do correspondence anymore.Anyone know is that true?


I hate my GED class at knnedy king. They bout to be fightin in this @#$%^&*(

I need NALB High school address and number. They trippin in this #$%^&.


Hey i'm attending NALB High School right now.that GED class at Kennedy King was crazy!

I ain't got time for that nonsense. i will be done before Thanksgiving! got to pat my *** self on the back.

call my guy Mr.Ellis 773-982-7204 Ps tell him kay k sent you

to Kay k #1384960

Do they only teach in class rooms only. I heard they switched for correspondence to class rooms. Is that true and do they do on-site testing?


Tanya Mims, I Graduated June 17, 2017 from No Adults Left Behind High School and moving on with my life.Midwest scamed me and I'm pissed.


Ellis gave me a discount when I enrolled because I was a victim of they scam.Call him at 773-982-7204.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1239436

Liberty Just changed their name to NALB High School.NALB is with Illinois state board of education and not Vermont.

NALB require 24 credits to grad and is a college prep diploma, not 20 credits. The tuition is much lower too. Check them out.

7739 S.Halsted Street 773-982-7204 www.noadultsleftbehind.org


Yesss a complete scam, that diploma is NOT ACCREDITED! Now you can't find them anywhere to discuss this foolishness.


I also have been trying to get my transcripts to enroll in to college.I try calling a number which is not in service .

I took an exam as well and paid $150. For it. I trusted this because they said it was a Christian based school.

All this time I thought I had a real high school diploma now I have to start all over .If anyone can contact theses people please post the info.


I got into a two year college in Alabama and transferred to a four year college all is well with me


I got one from them. So we can't used them for school...wow how fckd up

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